Les illustrations de

Ciel Envie


Not just a poster

Fine art prints are adorned with reflective gold stamped details. Each piece is a testament to a labor of love, with hand-drawn illustrations each demanding up to 60 hours of meticulous work. Each artwork is infused with thoughtful graphic design overlays, inviting the viewer to embark on a captivating treasure hunt for easter eggs cleverly concealed within the text.


Carry your fandom anywhere

More than just functional, compact trinkets are designed to keep you company with the characters you love, wherever life takes you. Make your daily journey a celebration of the stories that matter most to you. The magic lies in the meticulous detailing, with reflective gold-stamped accents that catch the light.

Meet the artist

I am a Asian-Canadian artist. My creative journey is deeply rooted in a quest for cultural connection and representation. Growing up, the lack of Asian-style visual arts in the country's mainstream media fueled my determination to bridge this gap. In my works, you'll find a harmonious fusion of Japanese anime and Chinese donghua aesthetics with Western-style graphic design. Each piece is a celebration of my diverse heritage in multi-cultural Canada, and a testament to the power of today's international melting pot of cultures.


Project Ririsu • lead artist
Project Tykes (Samaha Studios) • illustrator
Holiday Matsuri convention • merchandise direction
Animethon convention • merchandise artist
ToasterKiwi Studio • illustrator

2024 event schedule

2024 conventions pending...